10 Hottest Summer Hair Color Ideas 2024

10 Hottest Summer Hair Color Ideas 2024

Are you ready to show off and live your best life with color? The season begins to change, it’s time to switch up your look to march the warm and sunshiny days. Take off the long sleeves, try your favorite denim shorts and summer dresses, and embrace the summer with fascinating hair colors!

Cream Blonde

cream blonde

Blonde hair color is back in, Cream blonde as silk sparkles in the sun. “Every time I’m in the salon, I see hair getting blonder, blonder, blonder—whether their natural tone is a brunette, redhead, or darker blonde,” said a famous colorist Tracey Cunningham. The weather is warming up day after day, and the rapid rise in temperature makes people irritable. Cool-toned hair colors, like cream blonde, soothe people very well.

Silver Grey

Cool tones work really well in summer, and so does silver grey. This color is always cool, it can be supported with dye or simply a shampoo designed to eliminate blonde or brassy tones. Meanwhile, This hair color is not common, trying it can make you stand out from the crowd and become a fashion leader.

Caramel Honey Highlights

caramel honey highlight

You can add a sun-kissed look with light highlights, caramel honey highlights at remyforte hair store are a good one. It grows naturally on your hair as the sun shines, easy to maintain and style. Whether you are in a dark or light skin tone, this idea of highlights is perfectly suitable.

Platinum Blonde

platinum blonde

Platinum is ashy, pearly blonde with a hint of metallic shine. It works particularly well on a wide range of skin tones, whether you have a cool skin tone or a warm one, platinum blonde, which tends to complement, rather than overpower or dull down your skin, always flatters you.

Brown Balayage

brown highlight

Blonde balayage is very common and popular, I believe you have tried it. Seeing blonde everywhere seems boring. Why don’t you try a brown one? Dark-tone brown balayage hair sometimes can give you a brand-new feeling. It looks ordinary from a distance, but the longer you stay, the more you can notice its charm.

Old-Money Blonde

old money blonde

“It's characterized by elegantly placed highlights that create fine, seamless transitions, paired with a subtly shadowed root for depth.” Old money blondes lean towards luxurious styling, you can not ignore it to explore hair trends.

Orange Ginger

ginger orange

Orange ginger is a dark, muted, tangerine orange with a sherbet undertone. Some say ginger is usually leaning toward bright seasons like spring or winter, but some are leaning toward summer and autumn. Whatever people say, there is no doubt that it is an eye-catching idea and blends well with your natural red strand. It seems fire, bright, brave, and flamboyant that enables you to look young and energetic.

Reddish Brown

Suitable for everyone without aggression, reddish brown, which is also called dark auburn, flatters your unique features at great content. Shades of red, copper, and strawberry are still going strong, reddish brown, compared to the other red shades, maintains for a longer time without the risk of hair fade. Try human hair reddish brown wigs to get rid of hair damage from hair dying.

Cherry Cola

cherry cola

The shade is made up of a vibrant violet-infused brunette mixed with tones of mahogany and sangria. Elegant, graceful, and strong, these are the best descriptions for cherry cola. Want to look strong and powerful, try it now!

Purple Power

bright purple hair

A shade of purple is good for brown and dark skin tones. It is a great way to express yourself, too. Trendy bright purple is 100% designed for long curly hairstyles, down to the shoulders or waist. Short straight-haired cut, box braids, and bra-strap long wavy hair will all look amazing in this color.

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