A Comprehensive Wig Length Chart--Help You Choose The Right Wig

A Comprehensive Wig Length Chart--Help You Choose The Right Wig

To get the perfect hair look wearing a high-quality human hair wig, you should consider not only the hair color, texture, density, cap construction and material of the wig, but also the length of the wig. A right hairstyle with the proper hair length complement your face, meanwhile show your beauty at a great content.

This blog we will talk about what’s the hair chart of wigs, how to use the chart, how to measure the length of wigs and maintain the length. Let’s delve into it together!


Whats The Length Of Hair For Human Hair Wigs?

Here is the hair length chart, which can help you understand how long your hair is and how long you need to reach for your desired hair look. You can see how many centimeters the hair length inches represent precisely according to the hair chart.


wig length chart: hair length for different hair texture

The length of wigs is generally 6 to 34 inches, 6 to 10 inches is the size of short bob hair.

The hottest selling wigs loved by users range in length from12 to 24 inches. The advantage of these wig lengths is that they are beginner wigs, neither too short nor too long, allowing beginners to handle them easily.

Any length above 26 inches is considered long hair, whether it is for straight or curly hair texture. If you like waist-long hair, then a hair length above 28 inches is a better choice.


Short Pixie Cuts

the ideal length for pixie cut

6 inches is ideal for a good-looking short pixie cut hairstyle. Short pixie cut is very trendy and fashionable for women, which show your great temperament directly and let other people to know who you are. It also stays you cool on hot summer days or while working out, easy to care and maintain.


Short Bob Wigs

The proper length for a short bob wig is 8–10 inches, whether for short straight bobs or curly bob wigs. When the hair is straight, 8 inches will cover your chin and collarbone, and to achieve this the hair need to be 10 inches for a curly one. Moreover, 8 inches hair length is great for asymmetrical cuts, cute short curls, and super short beach waves.


12–24 Inches Wigs


If you would like to try hair down to shoulders, 12 inches straight hair is available. Sleek and luxurious, 12 inches bob wigs boost a sweet and lovely look. 14 inches to 24 inches hair length is considered as medium hair, and allow the most of the hairstyles to style.

From chin to chest, everyone, even freshmen, can handle this length range because it is the normal growth length of our natural hair. Body wave, kinky curly, deep loose wave, butterfly cut, jellyfish haircut and so on, you are able to try any hairstyle you like.


Wigs Beyond 26 Inches

an accurate wig chart for women

Long length hair from 26 inches to 32 inches selling on our website looks elegant and charming. These long hairs will fall almost all the way down to your hips or lower, a good way to show ombre color wigs. Remy forte Colorful wigs are always supernatural, extra long hair perfectly show the beauty.


How To Measure The Length Of Wigs?


how to measure the length of wigs
  1. Place the wig on a wig stand or head form. Straighten the hair as much as possible if your wig is curly or wavy.
  2. Apply a soft tape measure, position the end of a flexible measuring tape at the wig’s crown, then pull the tape measure from the roots to the ends in the back.
  3. Check the length of the wig. You can make a note by your fingers to ensure the result.


Wig Lengths For Different Hair Textures


human hair wig length hair chart

Different human hair texture display different hair look in the same hair length.

Straight hair represent the same hair length as hair measure.

Wave hair will look one inch difference in length compared to straight hair because it has bends in the hair texture.

A curly hair wig will look 1 to 2 inches shorter than the actual length of the hair, for the hair has a deeper curl throughout the length of the hair. So an 18-inch wig may appear to be 16–17 inches long.


How To Maintain Long Hair?


black lace front wigs


External factors have a huge impact on hair health. High temperature, dryness, humidity, and friction damage hair and shorten its lifespan. Compared with the hair roots close to the scalp, the hair tips that have lost their nutritional supply are obviously more likely to be ignored and more susceptible to damage, even specially treated human hair wigs are no exception. These steps help you maintain your long hair and extend their lifespan.

  1. Trim Hair Ends Regularly
  2. Wash Long Hair Regularly
  3. Condition Your Hair Weekly: Moisturize and Nourish
  4. Air Dry Your Hair
  5. Wear A Hat At Summer
  6. Detangle Carefully With The Right Brush
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