Breathable Wigs For Summer To Stay Cool

Breathable Wigs For Summer To Stay Cool

It is a big challenge to wear a heavy and thick wig in summer while suffering from high temperature, sweat, and humidity. Wearing an airtight wig not only stimulates sweating but also breeds bacteria that cause hair loss and play a bad role on your scalp. Therefore, it is necessary to choose breathable wigs to prepare for summer and stay cool.

What are the best wigs for staying cool in the summer?

The important factors that decide whether wigs are right or not are weight, density, and cap construction. There is no doubt that lightweight hair is more comfortable than heavy ones on hot days. In this condition, several types of human hair wigs win the game.

360 Lace Frontal Wig


360 lace wig

360 lace wig satisfies all your needs. A 360 lace frontal is a circle of lace frontal that can cover your head from one edge to another edge, it covers a circle of your head and has a larger lace part than a 13×4 human hair lace front wig. In contrast to machine-made wig caps, HD lace or Swiss lace certainly provides more room for your scalp and hair to breathe. The larger the size of lace part, the more breathable a wig. 360 lace frontal wig allows air to circulate, and your scalp remains cool and dry, reducing the likelihood of itchiness and irritation, so stay cool even with your wig all day without needing to remove it.

Full Lace Wigs


full lace wigs

Differing from a 360 lace wig, a full lace wig is made of a full lace breathable wig cap, not covering a circle of your head, but your entire head. Breathable and delicate, full lace wigs are popular for women to style perfect, undetectable hair. They feature a supernatural look and naturally at a relatively higher price than most wig types.

Short Bob Wigs

short bob wigs

Short hairstyles are ideal for summer, not having hair around the neck in the summer helps keep the body cool. And short hair makes you feel lightweight. Remy Forte short bob wigs with various hairstyles are good for you to choose from, including layered bob haircuts, sliced bob, wavy bob, and so on. Short-length hair prevents you from uncomfortable hair friction, and lightweight unwinds your head and neck, high-quality human hair offers you natural hair luster and keeps you cool even in the sunlight.


Glueless Lace Front Wigs

Besides elements of hair weight and wig cap, wig glue matters a lot. We can not get rid of sweat completely in the summer, although you are sitting under the air-conditioner. But sweat melts wig glue, brings a high risk to the security of wigs, and meanwhile can be incredibly uncomfortable. Glueless lace front wigs terminate the game.

 glueless lace front wigs

Glueless lace front wigs are beyond adhesive, show us a brand-new installation method. Without glue, no gel, just put the wig on your head, clip the hair, and adjust the elastic bands to hold it in place. Ready to wear and easy to take off, ensure you realistic look and wig security. Glueless wigs cut the contact area between the hair and your skin, reducing the sense of restraint and feel cool.


What Is The Best Color In Hot Summer?

There is no doubt that human hair wigs look realistic, and they react to high temperatures in summer in the meantime. Because Remy Forte Hair is made of virgin human hair, they are same as our hair that feels burning under the sunlight when you have a dark hair color.

blonde hair

To stay cool, we recommend cool and neutral hair color. Consider blonde colors, which are very popular and easy to maintain. Try ash light blonde, medium blonde, strawberry blonde, dirty blonde, or champagne blonde. Warm colors are best avoided. They will highlight blemishes and red spots, while a cool color keeps harmony in your face.


How To Protect Your Hair In Summer?


summer day

Hydrate Your Hair Deeply

Moisturize your hair when it looks dry, portable water bottles are usable. Do not keep daily shampooing, frequent washing will damage internal structures and hurt your hair texture. Choose the right shampoo that is designed for dry hair, and remember to condition your hair with thick condition after cleaning steps.

Wear a hat outside

Physical sunscreen is better than chemical sunscreen applied to your hair. Wear a big, thin sun hat that can entirely block the sunlight.

Air Dry Your Hair

We recommend drying your human hair wigs by air in the hot summer. It only takes a short time to dry your hair in summer without the help of a hair dryer in heat.


We find many perfect styles that bring your natural hair look in summer and keep you stay cool as well. Remy Forte glueless lace front wigs, short bob wigs, full lace wigs, and 360 lace frontal wigs are all breathable wigs for black women to choose. Remember to pick a light hair color and protect your hair from sunburn to have a good summer day!

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