Enjoy Your Freedom, Celebrate Your Day With Special Gifts On Juneteenth

Enjoy Your Freedom, Celebrate Your Day With Special Gifts On Juneteenth

Juneteenth not only marks the long, hard night of slavery and oppression, but a promise of a brighter morning to come.

On June 17, 2021, President Joe Biden declared Juneteenth to be a Federal Holiday by signing the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act into law.

It was another 159 years before the importance of the nineteenth of June 1865 was officially recognized. From now on, everyone in the United States has a day to celebrate their day and enjoy their freedom together.

How to celebrate Juneteenth?

Juneteenth is undoubtedly an important American holiday. The day is considered the “longest-running African-American holiday” and has been called “America's second Independence Day.” Everyone—men and women, regardless of age and class differences, come together to celebrate their freedom: the day when the last, most isolated population of formerly enslaved people living on Galveston Island in Texas, received the news that they were finally free. June 19, 1865. Historian Mitch Kachun considers that celebrations of the end of slavery have three goals: "to celebrate, to educate, and to agitate".

159 years later, the lives of African Americans have changed. They have the right to be educated, to work, and to be owners. African Americans were often prohibited from using public facilities for their celebrations in the past, they were often held at churches or near water dressed in their best clothes with elaborate large meals. Traditional celebrations include public readings of the Emancipation Proclamation, singing traditional songs such as "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" and "Lift Every Voice and Sing"

Now they celebrate the day in various ways. Parades, rodeos, races, Miss Juneteenth contests, and barbecues are typical for an outdoor celebration. School essay and poster contests are excellent ways to get the youth involved.

In addition, some places specially set out a center park to celebrate this day. “It has been a hub for us to come together to shop with each other, to share community with each other, and we can really reconnect with who we are as Africans.”

Food is always welcomed every year. People gather together to talk with each other and share food with strangers on June 19.

“ We are trying to point it as a black Independence Day, the day of striving for independence,” said a woman in Los Angeles. As a founder of supermarkets, she gave people their traditional food that makes it affordable for people to eat well. “It’s hard to get healthy food in the past.”

African Americans look forward to better food as they look forward to a better future. “If you can't control what's on your fork, you can't control your lifespan, you can't control how you feel on a day.”

They want to see their businesses continue to grow and thrive and see more of their children be educated, not just to be workers but to be owners and leaders.

Live free, live better.

Looking back on the history of being slaves in the past, today's happiness seems even more precious. From being hungry and naked to now enjoying the same rights to education as other citizens in the United States, this is the reward of the sacrifice and hard work of generations of ancestors.

Now black women have the right to be themselves, to personalize their features, and to pursue their goals. They will never be considered only as tools to work for the slave owner, but as independent people having the right to express their beauty.

Afro-kinky hair as a symbol of African Americans, once considered a disgrace, became a new trend and fashion. Black women create a great many braid hairstyles to style their hair, which spreads worldwide and has been loved by others. Protective hairstyles even be a way of cultural transmission, confidence and power they owned be seen in the end.

Moreover, various types of wigs have been created to help them show their beauty. Merchants provide synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, and hair extensions to choose from, and comfortable, black-specific products emerge. They are cherished and respected by compatriots and different ethnic groups.

Juneteenth is on the way, and Remyforte Hair offers a special gift for them. We have designed and produced human hair wigs and extensions for African American women for years and are dedicated to providing better hair products and services.

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