How to dye a human hair wig by yourself?

How to dye a human hair wig by yourself?

Want to express with different trendy colors without the risk of damaging your hair? Dye your human hair wigs! Human hair wigs have the similar hair texture like your hair and can be bleached and dyed. They will show natural hair glossy and color after right dying step and good care.

Prepare the tools

  1. Hair developer
  2. Hair dye and a dye paintbrush
  3. A plastic bowl and a plastic spoon
  4. Small Pins and hair ties
  5. A wig brush
  6. Shampoo for human hair wigs
  7. Hair conditioner

Choose the right color to dye

colored wigs

One thing you need to know before dying a human hair wig is that you can only dye a darker color than your hair. There are two reasons. First, the bleach in the dye can damage the hair so that shorten hair lasting time and damage hair texture. It may cause hair frizz, coarse, even split end. Second, most of the human hair wigs, except virgin Remy human hair wigs, are processed by chemicals to keep smooth and glossy, it’s hard for you to change their color to lighter.

To achieve a natural look, find your skin's undertone and use a hair dye color that matches your skin tone: Blonde and chocolate hair shades blend well with warm skin tones, light grays and yellow hair tones work well with cool skin tones, and neutral skin tones are suitable for almost any hair color.

Mix hair developer and hair dye

mix hair developer with hair dye

Hair developer opens your cuticles to allow hair dye to penetrate your hair. Mix hair developer with hair dye to speed up color change and make color penetrate and look natural. Put the hair dye and developer in a plastic bowl and mix them evenly with a spoon. Please remember to wear a glove to protect your hands, do not touch the bowl without a glove.

Metal bowls or spoons can oxidize the dye, so they are not recommended.

Add proper hair dye according to hair volume and hair length. Two boxes of hair dye are needed for hair longer than shoulders.

Hold your wig in place

put hair on wig stand

Fix the wig in one place such as a wig head and make sure it secures. Place remove waste your time to apply hair dye and bother your work. Place the wig on the wig head as you would put it on your own head, securing it by pushing T-pins through the wig cap and into the stand.

Separate the hair into many sections

seperate hair into many sections

If your wig have more than 180% hair density, 6–8 sections are convenient for you to brush hair dye. It’s okay to separate 4 parts in 150% hair density. You can use hair ties to make hair buns on the wig, or clip your hair.

 Apply Hair Dye To Your Hair

apply hair dye

Although you have separated your hair into some big strands, you still need to apply hair dye to smaller sections so that the final result can be more natural and delicate. Make sure to apply the dye with a paintbrush or your fingers evenly, slow down and take your time. Do not hurry at this step.

Start to paint the dye from the bottom to the top, and dye the hair strand after strand.

You can achieve lowlights by just dyeing some strands, not all, or dye the roots or ends for a cute two-tone.

Leave The Hair Many Minutes

Cover the wig with plastic wrap to prevent the dye from drying. Leave for 30–40 minutes to allow the color to set. Read the instructions to see how long you should leave it on. In most cases, this will be about half an hour to an hour. If you can't find this information, check the wig every 10 minutes. When the hair color becomes the effect you want, you can wash it off.

Wash the Human Hair Wig With Right Shampoo

wash hair

Use color-safe shampoo or shampoo designed for human hair wigs. Other shampoo which have a strong ability to clean will fade hair color. Wash the wig by placing it under a tap with warm water to get rid of any excess dye before lathering the wig with shampoo. Then rub the hair with your fingers gently and rinse out the shampoo.

Condition Your Hair To Get Shinny Look

Apply conditioner to the human hair wig to nourish the hair, make hair stunning and more smooth. Please use wig-conditioner to avoid unnecessary hair damage to hair knots.

Dry You Hair And Style It

style your hair

Gently squeeze the wig with a towel to remove excess water, put it back on the wig stand, and then blow dry the hair with a hair dryer at low temperature or air dry naturally.

Hair dryers may damage the wig or cause some hair dyes to fade after dyeing. If it happens hang your wig to air dry.

If it not, you can also dry your wig with a blow-dryer and create some cute looks at the same time.

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