How to Keep Human Hair Wigs From Tangling?

How to Keep Human Hair Wigs From Tangling?

Hair care is crucial to maintain hair texture and prolong wig lasting time. “How to keep human hair wigs from tangling” bothers people. Especially in summer or winter, tangled human hair wigs mess you up and break your appearance. Here are the tips to deal with it.

Hydrate your human hair wigs timely

htdrate your human hair wigs

Dry and frizzy hair is prone to be tangled. Friction can not be completely avoided in daily life, which causes human hair wigs tangled and damaged. But hydrated hair is more smooth than dry one, and gets rid of wigs from unnecessary knots.

Spray hydrated hair products, wash it with a mild shampoo, and apply moisturized conditioner to your wigs, keeping the hair hydrated day and night.

Don’t sleep in your wig

Don’t sleep in your wig, or do not put a large part of your hair under your back. The friction between your wig and the pillow will cause knots and matting, as well as damage to your wig.

Store your wig in the right methods

When you’re not wearing your wig currently, please store it in the correct way to avoid unnecessary knots. You can store your wig on a wig stand or a wig head, which is the best storage method to avoid external friction and get a tangle-free wig. Putting your human hair glueless wigs on their original package is also great.

Invest in high-quality human hair wigs

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  • Compared to normal wigs, high-quality human hair wigs are durable, smooth, and long-lasting. They are easy to care for and maintain, meanwhile bringing you natural hair looks. We strongly recommend Remy human hair wigs, Remy human hair pre-cut wigs are uniquely constructed with all the cuticles facing in the same direction as hair grows from your scalp, and so are less likely to get tangled.

    How long do human hair wigs last?

    In general, human hair wigs can last for more than one year with good care, except cheap wigs that are made of low-quality messed human hair. Remy human hair wigs and extensions, the most luxurious, durable, and natural wig type available, will last even two years.

    Careful hair maintenance is an important factor influencing the lasting time.

    When you buy a light-colored wig, there are many tips you should know and follow to keep your hair, or it will fade gradually. Dark hair color is the low-maintained option.

    Human hair wigs can be styled by heat tools to different hairstyles, but you should pay attention to the temperature. Whatever the type of wigs you choose, hair damage is inevitable when wigs are exposed to heat tools.

    Curly human hair wigs, such as kinky curly, body wave, and water wave texture, are popular. Curly hair flatters your face and unleashes your inner goddess, but seems different to care. Do not worry, remyforte have written the tips.

    How to take care of curly hair?

    According to the size of curls, curly hair can be classified roughly into two categories, curly hair and wavy hair. Common hair descriptions like deep wave, loose wave, and loose deep wave hair, can be defined as wavy hair for they all have big curls.

    Nowadays, curly hair is very charming, you can pick kinky straight wigs, Jerry curly human hair, body wave, and water wave lace wigs at Remyforte hair store. All of these curly human hair wigs give you long-lasting comfort and eye-catching beauty.

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  • To get better hair effects and more volume, some clients may buy high-density curly human hair wigs. That’s great, but please do not ignore that hair with small curls, such as kinky straight and kinky curly is relatively coarse-textured hair, prone to frizz and dry.

    What should you do to maintain your curly hair?

    1. Untangle your curly human hair wig at the beginning

    When you get your ideal wigs, the first thing you need to do is untangle all the knots. Wear-and-go human hair wigs are processed to keep them smooth, but after a long shipment, no one can deny tangling happens.

    Start by using your fingers to gently separate any large knots. You’d better place the wig on a wig stand, securing it with hair clips or T-pins to make the brushing process easier. Use a wide-toothed comb(thin-toothed combs are not designed for curly hair) to brush the hair, be gentle to prevent shedding and breakage, and comb through the hair, starting from the ends.

    2. Apply hair oil and conditioner to nourish the curly hair

    Human hair wigs unattached from people’s scalp lose access to nutrients. They may keep glossy for several days and still look gorgeous, but can not lack of nutrients for a long time or hair will be frizzy and dully. Hair oil and conditioner supply the necessary elements and form a mask on the surface of the curls that efficiently blocks the loss of nutrients and water.

    3. Use heat protectant spray every time

    It could not be more important to state the necessity to use heat protectant spray every time you apply heat tools. We can not throw heat tools away, to style curly hair, heat protectant spray protects your hair at a great content.

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