U Part VS V Part Wig: What Is The Difference?

U Part VS V Part Wig: What Is The Difference?

We always take a long time to install wigs, at least 1 hour once, which wastes much time. In addition, to hold the wigs in place and keep security, we have to apply hair glue and hair cap, not only causes hair loose to your hair, but also brings bad wig experience. U part wig and V part wig solve all the problems.

What is U part wig?

U part wig

U part wig is known as a wear and go wig, it is quick to install when your hair has been prepared, and no need to take too long time to visit your hairstylist to style.

Differ from other full wigs, U part wig has a U-shaped opening in the wig top, and it is further modified to create a half-wig look.

What is V part wig?  

v part wig

Similar to U part wig, V part wig also has an opening at the front of the entire wig, but the shape of the opening is V. Human hair V part wig is non-lace wig, but it’s easy to create a natural hairline same as the remyforte lace front human hair wigs.

 Advantages of U Part Wigs And V Part Wigs

high versatility to style

 1. High Versatile To Style.

U part wigs and v part wigs allow you to style many hairstyles you would like to. No gel and glue, super secure. Whether you do an energetic ponytail for exercise, or a trendy butterfly cut to take part at a party, U part wigs and V part wig can easily customize hairstyles without hair damage.

2. Breathable Wearing Feelings

V part wig human hair and u part wig are thin part wigs, which means they provide more room to breath so that keep cool and look supernatural. In summer, heavy human hair wigs may add more hair volume, however too much sweat ruin your whole look. Long time wearing, gel blends with your sweat then lead to the drop problem.

3. Easy to Install And Remove

easy to install

The biggest advantages of U part wig and V part wigs is easy to install and remove. Braid your hair firstly and flatten it. Remain strands of hair on the top of your head, clip the wig onto your braids. Blend your hair naturally with human hair wigs, ask heat tools and air-dryer for help. Finally, adjust the elastic band behind your nape to fix the wig again. The entire installation only cost 10 to 30 minutes, make them ideal for everyday wear.

4. Natural Hair look

The openings of U part wig and V part human hair give a very natural hairline look by style your own baby hair. These two types of wigs blend seamless with your hair, renders it almost imperceptible to detect—no one will ever suspect that you are wearing a wig!

What is the difference between U part wig and V part?

U part VS V part wig

1. The shape of opening part

The most obvious difference between V-part wigs and U-part wigs is the shape of their top openings. While a V part wig, human hair is equipped with an V-shaped opening ,” but the U part wig features an aperture that resembles a “U” letter.

2. Leave out hair

hair leave out to install a wig

To blend well with the U part wigs and look natural, clients needs to leave out their hair to cover up wig edge. However, V part wig does not have to leave out hair due to a smaller opening part, it is naturally realistic and seamless after proper installation.

3. Limited Hairstyle

V part wigs human hair are available to create any style, whether you love middle parted hairstyle or three-quarter hairstyle, just follow your heart to make the look you love. In contrast to V part wig, U part wig has more restrictions, and it’s better to adjust only middle parted hair part.

4. Breathable feelings

security of V part wig

The more room left out to the natural hair, the more breathable you will experience. Refer to this, you definitely get the answer that U part wig having the larger opening so that give more room to your real hair to breathe better.

5. Easy Installation

V part wig allows to be installed with and without leave out. So it is actually more convenient to install, even no need to blend with your natural hair. Omit one step to blend hair together by heat tools and air-dryers, you can save fifteen minutes and more.


Which is better for you?

right option for women

Wonder does U part human hair wig or V part wig human hair better? Judge it according to your hair volume and hair texture.

We recommend women who have thin hair to try a V part wig. U part wig is ideal to full hair volume to hide wig edge and blend seamless with Remy forte U part wig human hair.


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