Zendaya's Met Gala Fashion Hairstyles Over The Years

Zendaya's Met Gala Fashion Hairstyles Over The Years

This year's Met Gala was a gathering of stars, with many celebrities performing brilliantly. But if you ask who has unconventional and unforgettable looks, there is no doubt that the first name that comes to mind would be Zendaya, who debuted on the red carpet this time after her Cinderella look in 2019.

Looking back at each of Zendaya's red carpet looks, the perfect combination of clothes, hair accessories, shoes, and hairstyles has created countless stunning performances. Today we are going to talk about Zendaya’s hair designs on Met Gala.


Low Bun In 2024


Zendaya returned to the Met Gala after a five-year hiatus and performed the night's dress code "Garden of Time" in a gorgeous dress. The dress used bold blue and green colors and was designed gorgeously. The headpiece was a green fishnet veil and a bizarre tall and thin feather shape. The exaggerated dark makeup combined with the charming dress is extremely complete.

In this case, the right hairstyle is crucial. Her styling team chose the simplest low bun and tied her hair at the back of her head, revealing her smooth forehead and soft hair, which fully demonstrated her noble and charming aura.

The low bun is a versatile hairstyle, suitable for heavy or light makeup, gorgeous hair accessories, or ordinary hair accessories. Her second look is a black silk ball gown with a huge bouquet headdress. Her hairstyle is still a low bun with broken hair. She takes off the heavy makeup and looks pretty and charming.


Cinderella's Iconic Chignon In 2019


Zendaya dressed as Cinderella at the 2019 Met Gala in a Cinderella-inspired creation by Tommy Hilfiger. while carrying a diamond pumpkin carriage bag. The look offered the ideal combination of style and spectacle, fitting for the evening's theme, "Camp: Notes on Fashion." Her stylist, Law Roach, dressed up as her fairy godmother and held a wand to light up her dress.

Her hairstyle is Cinderella's iconic bun, elegant and simple, paired with a light blue wide headband, highlighting her cute side. The side-parted bangs make her whole person energetic.


Bob With Micro Bangs In 2018


For the theme of 2018 Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, Zendaya went full Joan of Arc in a silver chain-mail-inspired Atelier Versace dress with armor-like details, and a bob wig.

The silver hollow material protects her body like armor. Against the burgundy hair, she looks like a warrior, coming with the light of fire, "nothing could hurt me — I was like a warrior."

The short reddish bob hair highlights her bravery and makes her more resolute compared to the long hair. The eyebrow-length micro bangs add a touch of fragility to her.


Afro Kinky Hair In 2017


She wore a brightly colored Dolce & Gabbana dress in 2017. The tropical parrot pattern of the dress has a strong contrasting color and is gorgeous. The highly saturated skirt and huge skirt are very eye-catching. Zendaya's stylist chose an African traditional hairstyle to match the dress, with a strong sense of presence.

This Afro kinky hairstyle is very fluffy with high volume, it brings the center of vision back to the face, meanwhile highlighting the delicacy without overpowering the focus. This shows the wisdom of the stylist.


Bowl Cut In 2016


Look at Zendaya at the Met Gala 2016, Her figure-hugging golden, rhinestone gown was by Michael Kors inspired by the event's theme “Fashion in an Age of Technology.”

Zendaya was presented with a bowl cut that was created by legendary Stylist Vidal Sassoon in the 70's. Vidal Sassoon was always an innovator when it came to shapes within the hair.

Gold symbolizes metal and is closely related to technological development, while the retro hairstyle brings people back to the passionate 1970s, unforgettable and fashionable.


Big Curly Brown Hair In 2015


Hair like waves, shining on the red carpet. Zendaya wore a glossy curly wig in brown color at Met Gala 2015.

Eighteen-year-old Zendaya looked delicate, and her signature edgy style was accentuated in Fausto Puglisi's outfit, which featured a bold sun graphic that cleverly considered the evening's Chinese theme.

The loose silhouette of the skirt neutralizes the sharpness of the crown and sun headdress, and the smooth and light wig offsets the heaviness of the dress, fully demonstrating the vitality and longing of young people.

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